HR Team

HR Center

Planning & Employee Resourcing

Recruitment - Recruit new talented employees along with Corporation Policies. Also, innovate IT system implementing to new recruit system.

Selection - Collect the information from  Improve new way to select people that get along with Corporation value and policies following market segment and HR trends.

Planning - Manage Manpower for recruitment process. Manage succession plan for talented or potential employees.

HR Center

Employee Development

Training  - Collect the information and manage the annual training plan yearly for every branches companies in Precise Corporation following the business segment.

Performance - Manage and improve performance measurement tools following Corporation businesses.


HR Center

Employee Relation & Rewards

Relation - Support and develop strategy to improve workplace, and environment to motivate employees' working performance.

Rewards -


Business Partner

Human Resource Business Partner is HR functions that take responsibilities following HR Center Policies in almost HR functions; Training, Performance  in each branches company  in Precise Corporation.