ฺBenefits #1

  • Medical fee OPD + Dental 20 times a year
  • Social security
  • Employees Insurance 
  • Annual Checkup
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ฺBenefits #2

  • Annual traveling
  • Shuttle staff
  • Uniform
  • Childbirth gift
  • Illness gift
  • Allowance for funeral
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ฺBenefits #3

  • Scholarship
  • Job training
  • Corporate Credit union
  • Provident fund
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Why join PRECISE ?

Good Culture

          Precise prioritize is to build new innovation and work atmosphere to support working life and the efficiency of work. We also establish a teamwork system virtual family promote coordination between to Synergy.

Good Experience

          Experience the unexpected focus on building process dong idea to learn view of success and to continue to develop new innovations that benefit the community.