Precise Wongsawang

Precise Wongsawang of this head office, which has three subsidiaries: PPP Southern Thailand Power Plant ,PSL Framing Grow grass Biomass Bio gas ,PPD International Managerment

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Precise Changwattana

Precise Changwattana which has two subsidiaries:                                    -PSP Substation                                    -PDE IT Business

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Precise Pathumthani

Precise Pathumthani has 2 big branch companies including PEM and PMW who are in production industry field for all High-Voltage Equipment such as; transformers, distribution.  Our main customers are PEA, MEA and E-GAT as well as some private companies and we are going to get into international market.

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Who we are?

Precise is the regional leader in future electrical energy system,
biorefinery and smart community sustainable development, who
energizes prosperous growth to all stakeholders by orchestrating
new possibilities and innovative solutions that realizes sustainable
development for the region. Operating on 3 sites in Bangkok
metropolitan area, the company employs about 800 employees.
Blue Collar 400 Employees White Collar 200 Employees
Engineer 200 Employees The company plans to enter
stock market Q3, 2016.

Our values


Co-creation with Integrity for
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)